The Chilcotin trilogy

“The trilogy grew out of my first contact with the Chilcotin in the summer of 1956 working on a survey crew in the Homathko River valley. I had read about what happened to the last survey crew in that valley back in 1864. They were massacred. A Chilcotin war party led by their war chief Klatssain considered the crew’s presence an invasion of their land which they were defending. The  Colonial Government declared the massacre to be murder and six natives were hanged.”

Book One: On Potato Mountain

Father Dumont cradled a Native newborn baby boy in his arms when he met Belle, the Scottish bride of Bordy Hanlon on the porch of  his ranch house at Tatlayoko Lake. This scene resonates through the novel as the mysteries of baby Noah’s birth and of the Chilcotin are revealed.

Book Two: The Jade Frog

Twenty-five years later Noah uses his knowledge of the Chilcotin to help solve the mystery of the death of his friend and through painting the mystery of the land.

Book Three: Noah’s Raven

In his later years, Hanlon’s ancestral homeland is again challenged by outside forces. The region may change forever — as will history — if Hanlon can’t overcome personal tragedy to fight for the land he loves.