Award-winning Author Pens Sequel to On Potato Mountain

Sunset Moore Lake by Tjflex2 on Flickr
Sunset Moore Lake by Tjflex2 on Flickr

In The Jade Frog, a lawyer and a shaman attempt to find a murderer in the Chilcotin. The book is the second novel in a trilogy on the mysteries of the Cariboo-Chilcotin.

In the follow-up to his award-winning first book On Potato Mountain, Bruce Fraser again traces the path of artist-shaman Noah Hanlon across the vast canvas of the Cariboo-Chilcotin. Noah, an English teacher and a judge find their lives transformed by the beauty and spiritual influence of the land. Spanning decades, Bruce Fraser’s Jade Frog brings together disparate worlds of the law and shamanism as his protagonists attempt to find a murderer.

The Jade Frog is the second novel in Fraser’s Chilcotin trilogy. Once again, the reader  experiences the deep magic of the Chilcotin and the First Nation’s reverence for the land. Set in the 1980s, against the backdrop of the rugged Chilcotin scenery, the Chilcotin Nation displays their determination to preserve their ancestral homeland.

This struggle has culminated in a historic court case (Roger William vs Her Majesty The Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia). In June 1914, the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed the right of the Chilcotin people to a significant part of their land.

After practicing law for 45 years in the courtrooms of BC and the Supreme Court of Canada, representing Native clients, and ranching in the Cariboo-Chilcotin, Fraser has used his experience and powers of observation to write two murder mysteries focusing on the Chilcotin. In both books, there is a reverence for the majesty of the land and the perseverance of its people. The land itself is made of “jewelled lakes”, towering peaks, ranches and ranges.

Bruce Fraser QC is the author of “The Partner”, which won The Advocate short story contest in 2009. His article on Dugald Christie was published in the November 2007 edition of The UBC Law Review. His first novel, On Potato Mountain won an e-lit award for publishing excellence and is currently being adapted into a film by Really Real Films of Vancouver. The third book of the Chilcotin trilogy will be published in 2016.

Fraser is also the founding President of Access Pro Bono, to which he is donating 10% of the profits from the Chilcotin trilogy.

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