Eagle-eyed reader spots imposter swan

Found this recent email exchange with my friend Carolyn amusing:

Date: Wednesday 14 January, 2015
Subject: PG book signing

Hi, When are you leaving for London? I’m planning a trip to PG with The Jade Frog in late Feb. Bruce

Date: Thursday 22 January, 2015
Subject: Re PG book signing

I enjoyed reading The Jade Frog. Only one mistake – those are Trumpeter swans at Lonesome Lake, not Whistlers!    Carolyn

Date: Thursday 22 January, 2015
Subject: Re Re PG book signing

Thank you for your feedback Carolyn. I allowed that mistake in order to see if you really are an avid bird watcher and would carefully read the book. You passed my test and I will change it to trumpeter in the next printing, which will be next week.  Bruce

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